Breaking through the Clutter: Advertising that Works with Gen-Z & Millennials (Part I)


By nature the digital world is a fractured ecosystem. The proliferation of screens, rise of social media, and creation of new digital media outlets have converged to create unprecedented stimulation. This is acutely felt for gen-Z and millennials.

So how do brands break through the clutter? In the hyper-competitive landscape of screens and messages, how do they stand out and win with young Americans. This is the question at the core of Breaking through the Clutter, the latest work unveiled at our executive roundtables, co-hosted by Google and A+E Networks.

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Digital Takes a Back Seat in Gen-Z Shopping Habits

One of the most surprising findings in our latest work on helping brands get inside the minds of gen-Z shoppers, is the role of digital. Despite their digital fluency, this generation isn’t taking online shopping by storm.

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