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Natalie Griffith

Natalie Griffith
Director, Cultural Insights

Natalie has over 10 years of experience in consumer insights and brand strategy, including 3+ years as lead researcher in Gartner Iconoculture’s Gen Z practice. Natalie has managed research projects across industries, including extensive work in financial services, media, technology, and food and beverage. Natalie holds a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University.

Jack McKinnon

Jack Mackinnon
Senior Director of Cultural Insights

With more than 15 years of diverse consumer research experience, Jack Mackinnon offers deep expertise in Multicultural, Generational, LGBTQ+ consumers, and their intersection. Jack’s research extends into exploring culture-at-large, investigating broader societal trends not easily categorized into typical areas of research.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller, PhD
Senior Director of Insight Innovation

Bryan Miller, PhD, leads researchers and analysts in executing Collage Group’s proprietary studies for 300+ member brands. His work is integral to the release of multiple studies each year as part of Collage Group’s four consumer research platforms: Multicultural, Generations, LGBTQ+ & Gender and Parents & Kids. Dr. Miller holds a PhD in philosophy of science and psychology and an MS in applied economics. He has expertise in solving complex challenges and improving performance for mission-driven organizations.

Victor Paredes

Victor Paredes
Executive Director of Cultural Strategy

Victor leverages his expertise in inclusive marketing and advertising in combination with Collage’s proprietary data and insights, to support clients. He is a successful marketing and advertising executive with proven experience in building practices that drive brand equity, sales, traffic, and qualified leads. His marketing experience spans sectors such as entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, retail, and direct to consumer services.

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