Cultural Fluency Roadmap: 4 Steps to Win in Multicultural America

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Cultural fluency is the ability to use cultural intelligence to efficiently and effectively connect with diverse America, across different consumer segments.

To help your brand achieve cultural fluency, we’ve put together a 4-step
roadmap. This guide shows you how to use Collage Group’s cultural
intelligence platform to assess your brand’s cultural fluency. By following
our guide, you’ll enhance your brand’s performance in Multicultural America.

Culturally adept brands strategically redefine conventional norms by placing Multicultural and diverse segments at the core of operations. These brands harness the power of data and analytics to decipher and navigate cultural complexity and nuance. They ingeniously employ culture-specific elements that not only target specific segments but also captivate broader audiences, a phenomenon often referred to as the ‘Halo Effect‘.

Culturally fluent brands have an improved brand reputation, foster
customer loyalty, drive superior success in Multicultural markets, and receive higher returns on investment for their marketing efforts.

Cultural Fluency Roadmap - Cover Example

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Use culture to connect efficiently and effectively across segments

Assess the cultural fluency of your ads and brands with CultureRate:Ad & CultureRate:Brand.

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