LGBTQ+ & Gender Consumer Insights

Explore unique consumer trends among the LGBTQ+ community. Go further into gender identity, exploring men, women, transgender, non-binary and more.

The U.S. cultural landscape is transforming, as the growth of multicultural Americans acts as an engine to drive increased inclusion across all diverse consumer segments. Coincident with this change has been an increase in inclusion of LGBTQ+ people and a convergence with efforts to better represent and empower women and girls in all aspects of society.

Key Elements of our LGBTQ+ & Gender Program

    • Consumer Essentials – Uncover insights and effective executions with data-driven measures of cultural variation.
    • Passion Points – Explore music, food, sports, media and other passions.
    • Category Insights – Spotlight timely, emerging LGBTQ+ and gender trends by industry.
    • Brand & Ad Testing – Assess the cultural fluency of brands and ads.
    • Strategic Frameworks – Apply strategic frameworks to prioritize the steps required to drive growth and market share.
America's Growing Diversity Embrace far more than Race and Ethnicity

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LGBTQ+ Market Research

It’s no secret that America is quickly becoming more and more diverse. One fast-growing group is the LGBTQ+ community. Estimates show this segment includes at least 12 million American adults. As laws change and societal acceptance increases, more and more people feel comfortable embracing their LGBTQ+ identities and are raising their hands to be counted. 

Women's Market Research

Women make up half or more of the U.S. population, but they dominate consumer spending, making around 70-80% of all purchasing decisions. As women continue to make strides in all aspects of social, cultural and business leadership, rethinking gender stereotypes and approaching the segment of women and girls with new eyes are necessary to engage women.

Read on and fill out the form for an excerpt from our Women Consumer Passion Points presentation.

Women Consumer Passion Points - External Webinar

The Latest in LGBTQ+ & Gender Market Consumer Trends

Insights for Authentically Engaging Women Consumers for Growth

Many advertisers are missing the mark in their portrayals of this powerful consumer segment. Only about half of Women say they’re satisfied with portrayals of their gender in advertising. Learn more about how you can engage Women consumers’ evolving, complex identities for growth.

LGBTQ+ neon pride rainbow sign glowing on a purple wall

Top Ads for LGBTQ+ Consumers: Insights from CultureRate

Learn how brands effectively engage diverse Americans with culturally fluent advertising. Use this research to decode the art of connecting with the LGBTQ+ community while minimizing potential backlash from other segments.

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