Transform your marketing strategy with instant access to cultural insights by Collage is home to the richest brand-specific cultural insights about today’s consumers.

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Instant insights about your most pressing questions puts culture-driven consumer insights at your fingertips to strengthen your marketing strategies and drive accelerated growth. We continuously update our curated dashboards, fusing consumer, industry and brand data to provide you with the freshest insights.

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Inform growth strategies and product development with brand-specific insights grounded in culture

With Consumer360, create compelling messages and products for your target personas with instantly-accessible consumer, brand and category-level insights. Identify specific audiences and how to reach them.

Inform your brand strategy with a profound understanding of your target personas’ unique traits, including their cultural backgrounds, values and motivations, purchase behaviors, media consumption habits and brand affinity. Identify the “ah-has” based on enduring trends to drive breakthrough campaigns and new product innovation.

Get a competitive edge with intersecting cultural, demographic and brand insights

With Brand360, differentiate your brand or product by diving deeper into consumer sentiment and psychographics by segment, so you can tailor your messaging to your personas’ values, needs and preferences. Identify the strongest priorities, passion points, values, beliefs and key moments that can help your brand connect with growth segments while differentiating versus competition.

Benchmark your brand’s performance with Head-to-Head and Industry comparisons that help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for action.

Acquire and retain diverse audiences using continuously updated cultural insights

Quickly uncover the why behind ever-changing consumer sentiment with dynamic data visualizations and in-app takeaways that link instant insights to in-depth cultural research. Stay on the pulse of enduring category trends at the intersection with your brand and consumers.

Convert neutral audiences into customers and nurture loyalty by tapping into invaluable Brand Love insights. Brands leverage Collage insights to nurture their current core consumer and grow with incremental segments by focusing on shared culturally based beliefs and values.

The deepest data in Collage's Cultural Intelligence Engine

Only Collage fuses consumer, brand and industry data to provide unparalleled depth of cultural insights on the why that drives purchase decisions across diverse consumer segments. Build your custom audiences today.

I love seeing the in-app tooltips on analyses because they provide additional context for interpreting and acting on insights.

Camila Godoy,
Inclusive Marketing Senior Lead,

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