Top 5 Ways to Connect with Latina Moms

In a nutshell, Latina Moms are unique, as they not only make purchases for themselves, but also for their families. They drive household purchase decisions around mealtimes, entertainment, shopping, and more. This means that every industry —from cars to cookies—can benefit from more insight on this sought-after consumer. It’s why Latina Moms have been, currently are, and will continue to be a key target for leading companies.

Our latest project focused on their general attitudes, shopping habits, meal preparation, language choice, and more. Our research included online surveys, in-person ethnographic studies, secondary research, and case studies of successful campaigns that targeted these consumers.

What we found was not only fascinating, but actionable. Here are 5 key insights: 

Be Authentic

Latina moms are more likely to be foreign born and unacculturated relative to the overall Hispanic population. They also have strong connections to their cultural heritage. They’ll respond positively to authentic, culturally relevant cues and communications in either Spanish or English.

Consider Language

Spanish usage is high when emotions come into play or when communicating with loved ones – with 77% of Hispanic moms speaking Spanish throughout the day.  Consider Spanish-language or bilingual communication—whether the benefit is functional or emotional. They will likely appreciate the extra step to connect with them.

Go Digital or Go Home

In 2008, the internet penetration gap between Hispanic and non-Hispanic moms was 20% (74% vs. 94%, respectively). In 2013, that gap closed to just 8%, with 90% of Hispanic moms online. They spend their time online engaged in both functional tasks and personal entertainment. Ensure your communication strategy includes digital touch points—especially mobile—that maintain consistency with the overall brand message.

Sweeten the Deal

Nearly 75% of Hispanic moms use Facebook.  The Facebook mobile app is their most recommended app with friends and family.  They also love deals and coupons. Make sure your brand has a mobile optimized Facebook profile where you not only build a personal relationship with them, but also offer coupons, discounts, and sweepstakes.

Connect Through Food

Nearly all (94%) Hispanic moms say they prepare healthy meals for their families almost every day. Their perception of healthiness, however, relates to more natural, complete, and culturally connected meals. Explain how your product can help them prepare those kinds of dishes.  Actively assuage any guilt they may feel because of convenience elements or offerings.

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