Celebrating Through the Ages: Generational Insights on Holidays and Occasions

You asked and we delivered: insights on holidays and occasions are here! Make the most of seasonal festivities by using this data to better connect with both younger and older consumers.

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December 4th | 2PM

Our 2019 Holidays and Occasions research reveals what marketers and insights leaders need to know to connect with consumers around major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and special occasions like barbecues and nightlife. We’ve gathered our findings and recommendations from this research into a series of mini-decks that explore how consumer attitudes and behaviors surrounding these events vary across generations. In this bundle of decks, you’ll find insights specific to each celebration along with executional examples of brands activating on consumer festivities.


While major holidays remain important across generations, Gen Z and Millennials over-index on minor holiday celebrations. These niche and culturally-specific holidays are an opportunity to connect with younger consumers who are more diverse and tend to be more inclusive.


Younger consumers are more open-minded towards advertising around niche and culturally-specific holidays. Show Gen Z and Millennials you’re in-tune with what they care about: don’t neglect these holidays and make sure to provide an accurate representation that doesn’t feel “culturally appropriative.”


Gen Z and Millennials are culturally diverse and incorporate their unique backgrounds into traditional holiday celebrations, like eating both ethnic foods and turkey at Thanksgiving. Make sure to capture the “unconventional” yet realistic ways that consumers celebrate holidays to create a personalized connection.

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