Multicultural Consumer Category Pulse Check: F&B, Alcoholic Beverages, Media, Telecom & QSR

The life of American consumers today seems to have only one constant – change. To keep up with these changes, we provide our members timely and relevant learnings they can use to fine-tune their multicultural consumer research and marketing strategies.

We offer these learnings at three levels:

1. Consumer demographics, cultural values, and passion points (Multicultural Essentials)

2. Consumer attitudes and behaviors within specific categories (Category Essentials)

3. Consumer perceptions of individual brands and advertisements (CultureRate:Brand and CultureRate:Ad)

Understanding this second level – how diverse consumer segments approach the industries relevant to you – is the focus of Collage Group’s Category Essentials reports.

These biannual reports provide a high-level view of the category-specific trade-offs and considerations facing today’s consumers.  They contextualize what you learn about America’s major consumer segments in the Multicultural Essentials by placing these segments within specific industries and categories. The reports’ category-specific coverage also provides insight that can help you better understand how your Brands and Ads are doing as revealed by your CultureRate:Brand and CultureRate:Ad reports. 

Through Collage’s consumer-level expertise and the input we receive from members on issues of high priority, we develop the insights you need to understand key similarities and differences across multicultural segments. Equipped with these insights, you will be able to better navigate topics of interest and importance for your category and target consumers.  We plan on revising all Category Essentials decks twice every year.

Collage Group members can exclusively access full webinar replays and more in-depth Category Essentials materials for the following categories:

    • Food & Beverage
    • QSR
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Media
    • Telecom

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