Collage Group Launches LGBTQ+ & Gender Consumer Research Program

Collage Group is incredibly excited to announce the launch of our LGBTQ+ & Gender consumer research program. Read below for additional information and stay tuned for more across the next few weeks.

Beginning in 2021, we will be exploring consumer trends across the LGBTQ+ community and deepening our insight into gender with a dedicated focus on women consumers, while covering transgender, non-binary and other segments where applicable.  As always, our research reflects a total market perspective, meaning that we will compare these segments non-LGTBQ+ and men where applicable and relevant.

With new narratives and research streams dedicated to LGBTQ+ and women, member brands will be uniquely positioned to combine insight into these influential segments with the deep insights we already provide on Generational and Multicultural Segments.  The launch could not be more timely as consumers raise the bar on their expectations of brands in a time of profound cultural transformation.

Members of Collage Group’s LGBTQ+ & Gender program gain access to:

1. Ten or more NEW reports released throughout 2021 (1 – 2 times/month).

2. Research and insights covered by our comprehensive Essentials of LGBTQ+ Consumers and Essentials of Women Consumers, comprising demographics and expenditure, cultural traits, passion points and media habits

Our research will provide useful answers to brand questions, including:

• Which ad themes and strategies resonate among these segments and why?

• How do I engage the modern American woman?

• What are the primary passion points for LGBTQ+ and women consumers?

• How do LGBTQ+ and women consumers engage across consumer industries?

• What are the latest socio-political trends among these segments?

• How are Americans across gender and sexuality using social media and streaming platforms?

• What are the latest health and wellness trends for women and LGBTQ+ consumers?

• What has been the impact of COVID on consumer attitudes within these segments?

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