Captivate Parents of Kids Under 5 through Marketing

Learn how to position your brand to better connect with parents of kids under 5, across gender and racial and ethnic groups.

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February 14, 2023
Bryan Miller – Director, Syndicated and Solutions

There are currently tens of millions of young parents in the United States. Leading brands understand that connecting with these parents is not only critical for success today, it’s also a key to ensuring future brand loyalty with both the parents and their kids. To drive connection now, brands need to understand what problems these parents are facing that they can solve through their offerings, as well as where they’re going for information and advice.

To help brands and companies better connect with new-ish parents, Collage Group conducted a survey on parents that only have children under 5 years old. We dug into the challenges these parents are facing raising children, where they could use help to meet their own personal goals, where they go for information, advice, and recommendations, and their attitudes and behaviors in key categories.

We packaged our key findings into the webinar presentation, which you can access below. The presentation offers data breakouts by gender, age of child(ren), and race and ethnicity when relevant. Members can access the full survey, along with a variety of variables to cut the data, in our data tools, which are available on the website. Below are several key findings and implications from the study to get your brand started on the path to greater connection and conversion with new-ish parents.

Key Insight 1: New-ish moms are experiencing more negative emotions and more challenges related to parenting, most likely because they are doing more day-to-day parenting tasks.

Action Step: Position your product as a potential solution to the challenges—e.g., a food product to be eaten with others, providing time to engage family and friends.

Chart showing mothers' most life challenging roles

Key Insight 2: Black parents are more likely to have switched to a cheaper, ad-supported video and/or music streaming platform to save money.

Action Step: Make sure your products’ ads are playing on these ad-supported platforms and that they are optimized to super-serve the most likely viewers: Black parents.

Chart showing likelihood of black parents to switch streaming platforms

Key Insight 3: New-ish parents often start with an online source to gather information when a new question arises.

Action Step: Make sure you are an easily findable online resource when questions that your product addresses/solves arise in parents’ minds.

Chart on online multicultural parents using search engines

Key Insight 4: Most parents are focused on avoiding sugar and processed foods. Black parents are especially focused on salt intake, while Asian parents have a special focus on GMO products.

Action Step: Position your brand’s healthiness in terms of what it has and doesn’t have that each segment cares about—e.g., Healthy as low-salt; healthy as low-sugar.

Parents focus on ingredients chart

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Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

As Director of Content, Bryan leads the content team that produces all of Collage Group’s syndicated research and oversees the AdRate and BrandRate ratings products. Bryan holds a Master of Arts from Georgia State University’s Philosophy and Brains & Behavior Program, a Master of Science in Applied Economics from the University of North Dakota, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University in the Philosophy of Science, the Philosophy of Psychology and Bioethics. Outside of work, Bryan is a passionate film buff and lover of great food.

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