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Collage Group's approach to understanding America’s cultural transformation is essential to marketing success

Insights Platforms 

In times of tight budgets, our platform-based business model provides clients with a way to integrate trusted, long term relationships with us; an always-on platform of proprietary, curated content updated daily; and access to a peer network that facilitates best practice sharing. We continuously engage and align with our clients’ top priorities across industry, discern the most leveraged areas of research and develop the innovations that matter most to success in the new American landscape.
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Collage Group Compass

Collage Compass

Our approach to understanding Culture is unique in the market.  We apply “the Compass,” our proprietary research framework for navigating America’s cultural transformation, to support members along four major vectors:

Who We Are”  – quantifying core values, attitudes and behaviors.
How We Live” –  the passion points where attitudes come to life
How To Reach Us” – the media landscape and advertising
How We Buy” – sector-specific consumer insights

Dimensions and Data

Our mission is to collect a comprehensive inventory of measures, factors, and outcomes that enable us to quantify and connect the cultural identify of consumers with categories and brands. Since 2009, we have been building a database that now contains insights from hundreds of studies, thousands of questions and millions of data points.

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Machine Learning Engine for AdRate by Collage Group

Cultural Learning Engine

What works and what doesn’t?  Our passion is to decipher the causal connection between cultural attributes, the cues and nuance of cultural expression and how consumers from different cultural backgrounds perceive and buy brands. 

Conventional approaches rely on indexing different segments to general population norms, but we go further.  We apply machine learning to determine what actually matters to brand perception and purchase intent, developing unique profiles for each segment that become increasingly accurate over time.

Unparalleled Service

Collage Group acts as a true extension of our member’s insights, marketing and strategy teams.  Our track record of multiyear relationships is a product of deeply understanding our clients’ business, developing a dynamic action plan to address client priorities, and curating our insights to answer critical consumer questions on a continuous basis. We leverage the full set of Collage’s capabilities  – strategies, insights, analytics, data, executive roundtables and peer to peer engagement – to ensure our clients are extracting value that vastly exceeds the cost of the services that we offer.

Ryan Miller, Client Services DirectorRyan Miller, Collage Group's Client Services Director

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