Why Collage Group

Collage Group's approach to understanding America’s cultural transformation is essential to marketing success.

Be the First to Know. Visualize Critical Insights. Get Direct Answers. Personalize Your Learning Experience. And Much More.

Insights Platform

The power of the platform ensures our research stays focused on what matters most to the members.

Our shared cost foundational research helps brands reduce overall research costs by not reinventing the wheel.

Use our insights to discover powerful new data and strategic frameworks, generate awareness, and to align and train teams. Then scope our custom research to better target where you need to focus to leap ahead of the competition.

Brand Networks
Insights Engine

Insights Engine

Our passion is to decipher the similarities and differences across cultural traits, and how these impact consumers relationships with brands. 

Conventional approaches rely on indexing different segments to general population norms on the questions, but our approach goes much further.

We apply data science to determine what actually matters to brand perception and purchase intent, developing unique profiles for each segment that become increasingly accurate over time.

Collage Compass

Our proprietary research framework, the “Compass,” helps clients navigate America’s cultural transformation in five major areas. 

The first four include consumer segments across diverse segments; consumer insights into passion points and cultural attitudes; industries and categories; and finally branding and advertising.

We top it off with strategies and frameworks that help members go beyond tactical application of insight to the transformation of the marketing organization itself.

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Man providing Collage's Client Services

Unparalleled Service

Collage Group acts as a true extension of our member’s insights, marketing and strategy teams.

Our multiyear relationships with America’s top brands is a product of deep understanding of our clients’ priorities, customized service plans, and curated insights that answer critical questions.

Our clients receive high-touch account management, curated cuts of data, two annual webinars on content and the annual opportunity to direct our research agenda toward areas of greater opportunity.

Products & Services

Use culture to connect efficiently and effectively across segments

Assess the cultural fluency of your ads and brands with CultureRate:Ad & CultureRate:Brand.

Tailored solutions delivered by our full-service, bilingual Qualitative and Quantitative research teams.

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There's a world of Data Insight Opportunity just for you

Harness the power of cultural intelligence to win diverse America. Discover how you can turn insights into impact today! 

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