Insights Designer
Access to every survey from your subscriber Programs in a question-by-question searchable format

The Collage Insights Designer gives Collage members access to every survey you are entitled to see, in a question-by-question searchable format. With a Collage Group membership, Insights Designer allows you to:

    • Search by survey name or by individual question keyword
    • Create customized crosstabs by specific demographics with countless options for rebasing
    • Combine questions from one or more studies 

This tool gives you access to all of Collage Group’s membership-wide studies.

Find Questions: Explore all our syndicated survey data with Insights Designer

Search through any survey or question Collage Group has ever run!

Search through any survey or question Collage Group has ever run!

    • Thousands and thousands of questions
    • Organized by industry, topic, year, and question type
    • Complete demographic overlays:
      • Acculturation
      • Generation
      • Employment Status
      • Ethnicity
      • Gender
      • Country-of-Origin
      • Income
      • …and many others
    • Stat-testing to find real differences
    • Export data to Excel for more advanced analysis

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