Cultural Intelligence Engine

Only Collage fuses 26 billion consumer, brand and industry data points to provide unparalleled depth of cultural insights on the why that drives purchase intent.

Instant Insights

Collage does the data analysis for you, putting curated insights at your fingertips via the fluen.ciSM app. Maximize speed to impact by knowing your competitive position, brand trends and the constantly evolving cultural drivers of your consumers.

  • User Experience

    Our user-friendly interface provides dynamic data visualization and in-app takeaways that connect instant insights to in-depth research for swift decision-making.

  • Curated Analyses

    The app delivers curated brand and audience specific dashboards that distill complex data into actionable insights. Leverage Head-to-Head comparisons to immediately spot opportunities to differentiate your brand.

  • Depth of “Why”

    Our insights tap into all aspects of consumers – their cultural drivers, passion points, values, beliefs, purchase behavior, geography and much more – empowering you with unparalleled understanding.

  • Real-Time Audiences

    The curated dashboards in update different audience views in real time with no loading delays, letting you explore insights and answer important segment and targeting questions instantly.


Assess. Understand. Act. By diving into key data and insights on the fastest growing segments from the beginning, brands can strengthen their competitive advantage for sustainable growth.

  • Brand

    How well does your brand resonate with different consumer segments – and why?

  • Brand

    Are user experience and performance strong enough across all segments to generate positive word of mouth?

  • Competitive

    What are your brand’s strengths among different segments; and what weaknesses do you need to address?

  • Ad & Media

    Are you developing culturally-relevant ads from the beginning of the process? Or do you modify later and spend media dollars to test?

  • Identify
    Segment Gaps

    Which growing consumer segments have affinity, relevance, fit or trust for your brand but have not yet purchased?

  • Untapped Opportunities

    What emerging trends align with your brand’s values? What is your brand’s differentiation based on cultural traits?

Proven Business Results

Top brands trust Collage because they see the business impact of leveraging cultural fluency in their way of doing business.

Speed to Value

Only Collage provides access to $10M of insights on Day One. Quickly identify opportunities to grow your business with the help of weekly data updates.

Revenue & Purchase Intent

Increase purchase intent. Increase revenue. Increase shareholder value. Collage provides actionable insights that result in proven business results.

  • +28%Future Purchase Intent

    Fortune 500 Customer

  • +19%Revenue Growth

    Fortune 100 Customer

  • +14%Average Revenue Growth

    Top Collage Customers

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