Insights for Authentically Engaging Women Consumers for Growth

Discover Women consumers’ unique perspectives and motivations through their evolving, complex identities and actionable Group Traits with our 2024 Research Essentials, now including trended data.

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March 8, 2024
Katya Skogen – Director, Cultural Insights

Women are influential in all aspects of social, cultural, and business leadership. Plus, they dominate consumer spending, making the bulk of all household purchasing decisions. But many advertisers are missing the mark in their portrayals of this powerful consumer segment – only about half of Women say they’re satisfied with portrayals of their gender in advertising.

Representation alone is not enough to make your campaigns and messages stick. Brands today must evolve to effectively engage modern American Women around the themes and issues that matter to them most.

This powerful study, updated for 2024, explores three key areas of our consumer fundamentals research: identity, cultural context, and Group Traits to help your brand authentically connect with Women. Read below for key insights and download the sample study to learn more.

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What’s New in 2024:

Women’s inner drive overshadows their desire for harmony.

Women’s tendency to ensure Harmony and comfort for others at the expense of freely expressing their own values and thoughts dramatically dropped in priority this year. Its ranking among Collage Group’s 75 Cultural Statements decreased from #30 in 2022 to #41 in 2024. Meanwhile, the rise in Self-Assured, Competitive, and Disciplined attitudes among Women is a sign of momentum-building cultural shifts.


Why It Matters

While Women remain conscientious and care about how their actions affect the world around them, they are also increasingly focused on personal goals, wellbeing, and self-fulfillment. Brands must continually evolve to meet Women’s changing needs, validate their experiences, and celebrate their wins.


The Big Picture

  1. Tension is building: Women’s priorities are at odds with society’s expectations. As more Women strive to prioritize personal goals, self-care, and self-improvement, they face the unrelenting societal expectation to put others’ needs first.
  2. Women are defining success, happiness, and beauty on their own terms. Discerning and autonomous, Women shape their own unique paths and expressions of fulfillment in both professional and personal contexts.


Key Insight #1: Attuned Group Trait

Women consciously align their choices and actions with the needs of other people and the world around them. But this tendency coexists in constant tension with the other traits.



Do This:

  1. Position your brand as a key to relieving the tension between the needs of others and Women’s own priorities.
  2. Craft messaging that shows Women how your brand helps turn limited resources into maximal results.



Key Insight #2: Self Directed Group Trait

When making decisions and paving their path to happiness and success, Women rely on their intuition and sense of self-awareness.



Do This:

  1. Defy the unrealistic standards that hinder Women’s ability to reach their full potential and optimal wellbeing.
  2. Audit your messaging, visuals, and positioning to ensure critical alignment with Women’s self-empowered values.



Key Insight #3: Poised Group Trait

Women are primed to pursue their goals while staying true to their beliefs, values, and aspirations.



Do This:

  1. Develop and promote tools and opportunities to equip Women’s pursuit of success on their own terms.
  2. Feature Women’s stories on owned and paid media to celebrate their wins — however they may be defined.


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Katya Skogen

Katya Skogen

Katya leads Collage Group’s LGBTQ+ and Gender research. Her other interests include multicultural segments as well as consumer behaviors and attitudes in the context of media, technology, food and beverage, and retail industries.

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