Parents Market Research

Leverage Collage's parents and kids market research, focusing on parents of kids 5 and under, to engage and activate parents and kids across race, ethnicity, gender and more.

How can you authentically connect with parents of young kids?

Download an excerpt of Collage’s parents and kids market research, Captivate Parents of Kids 5 and Under through Marketing, to learn:

  • Why brands have a unique point of entry opportunity now to connect with these consumers in a way that will drive impact well into the future
  • Key factors impacting diverse parents of kids under 5, and what they mean for purchasing decisions
  • How to tell authentic stories through marketing that connect with parents of kids under 5 across intersectional demographics

Parents of kids 5 and under are still new to the parenting game. They face their own specific challenges, and these new-ish parents don’t have the benefit of previous experience that many parents with older kids have. Plus, their kids start to have a say in what products they like or don’t. Learn about key trends that can inspire new product development. Both groups are at an ideal point for brands to connect with for the long-term.