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Tap into significant opportunities for brand expansion with Asian American consumers with our 2024 update to our Cultural Traits study. Our latest research offers a thorough exploration into the changing tastes and habits of this crucial demographic, providing you with the most current insights to fine-tune your marketing approaches.

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May 2, 2024
Sudipti Kumar – Director, Cultural Insights

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Asian Americans are influential in all aspects of social, cultural, and business leadership. This important and diverse community possesses a $1.4 trillion dollar purchasing power, accounting for the highest income and fastest growth in buying power by race and ethnicity. But many advertisers are missing the mark in their portrayals of this powerful consumer segment – only about half of Asian Americans say they’re satisfied with portrayals of their race and ethnicity in advertising.

Representation alone is not enough to make your campaigns and messages stick. Brands today must evolve to effectively engage Asian Americans around the themes and issues that matter to them most. Our latest study, updated for 2024 with trended data, explores key areas of our consumer fundamentals research to help your brand authentically connect with Asian Americans.

This post includes a small sample of the deep cultural intelligence that fuels growth for our members. Contact us to unlock more content like this.

What’s New in 2024:

Asian Americans are increasingly prioritizing greater personal connection. While resonance with most cultural statements remained unchanged over the past two years, Asian Americans’ desire for deeper personal connection grew as a priority this year. The rise in Family Focus, Community-Seeking, and Relational attitudes among Asian Americans, as is the rise in all the statements in the Mindfully Connected Group Trait is a sign of the momentum-building cultural shift.

The Big Picture

  1. Asian Americans want their uniqueness to shine. Individual personality traits, country of origin, gender, and sexuality all impact their identity and how they want to be portrayed by brands.
  2. Self-awareness and well-being are more important than ever to Asian Americans. This heightened awareness creates deeper personal connections that boost the segment’s optimistic outlook on life while simultaneously keeping them grounded.

Key Insight #1: Cultural Duality Group Trait

Know This:

Asian Americans feel a strong personal connection and pride towards both their Asian and American identities. They embrace the complexity of these two identities through creative outlets.

Do This:

Create a platform for Asian Americans to tell their own stories about their cultural identities with pride.

Key Insight #2: Discerning Group Trait

Know This:

Asian Americans are thoughtful individuals, prioritizing planning and preparation as well as expert advice when making a decision.

Do This:

Build trust by teaming up with industry professionals that will endorse your brand’s products and services.

The world’s leading brands turn to Collage Group to build trust with this critical consumer segment and more. Contact us below for additional studies on how to connect with Asian American consumers, and to learn how to make your brand a winner with high-growth segments.

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Sudipti Kumar

Sudipti Kumar

Sudipti is a Director of Cultural Insights on Collage Group’s Product and Content team. She is a graduate from NYU’s Stern School of Business where she studied finance and marketing, and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs where she received her Masters in Public Administration. In her spare time, Sudipti enjoys reading, cooking, and learning to crochet.

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