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Find out why leading global brands like Clorox, Disney, Google, Nestle and P&G rely on Collage Group’s consumer research to understand and engage America’s multicultural and generational consumers.

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Case Study By Industry | Alcoholic Beverages

A leading global portfolio of alcoholic beverage brands sought to deepen their understanding of culture. Collage Group’s insights revealed a key set of cultural principles that could be applied to boost multicultural engagement across their portfolio of brands.

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Principles for Engaging Younger, More Diverse Consumers: Deep Dive into Gen Z

One in five Americans are part of this generation and it is the second largest: at 75.6 million people, Gen Z is only slightly smaller than the Millennial generation at 75.8 million. Read on the learn why these younger consumers, now 8-to-23 years old, are highly invested in their beliefs and passions, and orient toward inclusion and diversity not seen in older generations.

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