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Aligning Multicultural Marketing to the Evolution of the American Consumer”.

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Why Is Multicultural Market Research Important?

The U.S. demographic landscape has transformed; 140 million multicultural consumers now represent 40% of the population.

Multicultural consumers have driven over 100% of US population growth over the last five years and are projected to drive even greater growth for the foreseeable future. Cultural fluency is key to engaging authentically with these consumers as their tastes and brand loyalties continue to evolve.

Through quantitative and qualitative consumer research Collage Group captures the voices and passions of key growth segments: Hispanic, Asian, Black, Millennial, and Gen Z consumers. Download the report above, and read below for all the latest insights on multicultural marketing. 

Multicultural Growth 2022

The Latest in Multicultural Consumer Insights

Man holding a remote control in front of a television

Beyond Halftime: Super Bowl Ads Culturally Deconstructed

From Beyoncé’s powerhouse presence to e.l.f. Cosmetics’ courtroom quips, the Super Bowl ads of 2024 offered a rollercoaster of emotions and innovation. Dive into our panel’s breakdown, uncovering the hits, misses, and the game-changing moments that define the future of advertising.

Black family hugging and smiling in their kitchen

Black History Month 2024: Insights for Authentic Engagement & Empowerment

Black History Month, February 1—29, 2024, is a key opportunity for brands to celebrate Black achievements and contributions to American culture. Black cultural holidays are booming in the United States, and Black Americans don’t shy away from acknowledging the hard realities of Black history, even as they celebrate.

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Assess the cultural fluency of your ads and brands with CultureRate:Ad & CultureRate:Brand.

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