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Interest in Cannabis Spikes Among Millennial Moms

Michigan’s new marijuana legislation is the latest win for the American cannabis industry. With US sales expected to generate over $40 billion by 2021, industry entrepreneurs have been taking their stake of the market in the form of cannabis-infused drinks, edibles and topicals. It should come as no surprise that these are items you’d typically […]


Hispanic Millennials: Top 5 Insights and Strategies

Millennials are young, influential, digital natives. They constantly multi-task, and, yes, also shamelessly take “selfies.”  Marketers often paint millennials with a broad brush, yet “The Selfie-Generation” or other narratives are too simplistic to articulate exactly who millennials—and in this case Hispanic millennials—really are.

What to Know About Differences in Spanish Dialects

“Compré poporopos y dulces” “Compré rositas de maíz y caramelos” At first glance, it’s probably evident that both sentences are in Spanish; what’s less apparent is that they say the exact same thing: “I bought popcorn and candy.” The difference? The Spanish dialect. The first is from Guatemala, and the second is from Cuba.