Kids Market Research

Use insights from parents and kids market research to start connecting with Gen Zalpha and their parents now.

Why should your brand connect with kids as a target market?

Download an excerpt of Collage’s parents and kids market research, Gen Zalpha Dreams and Aspirations: Fuel Growth with Parents and Kids Insights, to learn how:

  • Unique childhood experiences have shaped Gen Zalpha
  • Gen Zalpha defines their dreams and aspirations, and what that may mean for them as a consumer and future buying group
  • The traits of parents and their kids intersect so you can communicate effectively with both groups

Engaging effectively with kids is an opportunity to create lifelong consumer relationships. And demographic change amplifies the need to effectively resonate with kids and their parents across race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

The generations most likely to have kids are 5-12% more racially and ethnically diverse than older generations. This shapes the way they raise their kids and how they develop their product and service decision-making process.