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Collage publishes proprietary cultural insights weekly from the most robust consumer, industry, and brand research explaining the why that drives changing attitudes and purchase decisions.

Want to understand how Target shoppers interact with food across race and ethnicity so you can grow your business at retail? How financial insurance brands can future proof with Gen Z? How to build enduring resonance into your ad campaigns with Black consumers through Memories? How climate change drives beauty trends with Hispanic consumers?

Collage publishes new research every week, which is available for members in Insights Hub. The research dives into different diverse consumers segments, cultural drivers of brand sentiment, behavior, category essentials and more. Brands leverage these insights to strengthen ad campaigns, activate growth consumers and identify new trends for new product solutions.

The Collage Insights Designer tool within Insights Hub gives brands access to every survey in a question-by-question searchable format.

Find Answers: Explore all our research data with Insights Designer

Unlock the deep cultural "why" to take action that will drive accelerated growth

Search through any survey or question Collage has ever run!

  • Search by survey name or by individual question keyword
  • Create customized cross-tabs by specific and intersectional demographics with countless options for rebasing
  • Thousands of questions, stat testing for significant differences
  • Export data to excel for more advanced analysis

Robust consumer, industry and brand research on the deepest drivers

  • Trended data organized by industry, category, topic, year and question type
  • Passion points, occasions, cultural traits, values and priorities
  • Culturally-driven attitudes, usage behaviors and future purchase intent
  • Path to purchase, media consumption and shopping channels
  • Slice the data across all tabs:
    • Acculturation/Identify framework, Country-of-Origin
    • Generation (Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers, etc.)
    • Race & Ethnicity (Multicultural, Hispanic, Black, etc.)
    • Gender and Sexuality
    • Income and Employment Status
    • …and many others

The deepest data in Collage's Cultural Intelligence Engine

Only Collage fuses consumer, brand and industry data to provide unparalleled depth of cultural insights on the why that drives purchase decisions across diverse consumer segments. Build your custom audiences today.

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