Insights Platforms
Collage Group’s insights platforms give America’s best brands the insights critical to growth

Ethnic Insights

Our ethnicity-focused Insights Platform Latinum helps clients understand and engage the fastest growing and most influential segments in America today: Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans – as well as all those influenced by these segments – to differentiate what works and doesn’t for these segments versus the “General Population.”

We don’t just describe the what, but go deeper to find the sociological and anthropological reasons behind the big shifts driving the transformation of the American consumer.

Generational Insights

Our generation-focused Insights Platform genYZ taps into the collective consciousness of young Americans to spot future areas of growth. 

We separate out age, shared experiences, and circumstances to better understand what makes a generation a generation.  GenYZ complements our multicultural research with a generational lens. 

We drill into 5 year cohorts for Gen Z and Millennial and compare them to Gen X and Boomer+ to uncover the critical shifts that reveal when preferences are generational or age related.

Collage Experience

Access to the proprietary content and data on our platforms is only the beginning of a relationship that ensures you always get the answers you need.  We are never transactional.

We organize around a uniquely high-touch service model that enables clients to better identify the insights they need, customize their learning through non-competitive networking service and benchmarking initiatives, and develop powerful new peer relationships at our Executive Roundtables.

Research Methodology

By applying a proprietary framework we call the Compass to the results of client surveys and ongoing feedback, we produce syndicated research that gets to the heart of our clients largest challenges.

Central to our research are consumer insights surveys, each one of which begins with deep scoping input from a steering group of 15-20 clients to identify key hypotheses for study. We then field surveys using a comprehensive and representative sample of 3000 consumers, with significant multicultural, Hispanic acculturation, Gen Z and Millennial oversample.