Instant Insights

Mobile-Friendly Access to Consumer Insights

Anywhere, anytime, instant access to the Collage Group database of consumer insights.

Built for Curious Marketers

Instant Insights is a mobile-friendly interface that allows our members to interact with Collage Group market research data.  

Access thousands of questions across every category. Display results in attractively formatted charts and tables. Drill into key intersections in demographic research to take insights to a new level. Export market research data into a spreadsheet to run additional analysis or augment analysis with your own data. Access the associated syndicated reports and related content. Share what you find via email or even a LinkedIn post.

Instant Insights brings the consumer to life, instantly.

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On-Demand Insights

Featuring a seamless interface, Instant Insights brings new dimension to any marketing or consumer insights conversation.

We designed Instant Insights to complement Insight Designer, our survey data analysis tool that offers members sophisticated tools to run queries on our data using any demographic research cut, crosstab, and weighting scheme. In response to member demand, we developed Instant Insights to provide a complementary, easy-to-use approach to access the same data by providing commonly used demographic research cuts. Use Instant Insight to get a quick read and Insights Designer to explore data in detail.

With a library of survey questions from our most recent studies, Instant Insights allows you to view your own demographic research cut in a dynamic graph.

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Instant Insights gives you immediate access to every consumer insights syndicated survey we have undertaken since 2017. Dig deep into the data behind our powerful presentations to find the cut you need, plus, search across multiple studies and time periods.

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Share With Your Colleagues
Instant Insights helps you get your point across by giving you the ability to immediately share your insights via email or LinkedIn. Find key consumer insights that support your most important initiatives and share your message with the team or with the world.

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Explore Unique Perspectives
Tell your own story by viewing specific cuts of our consumer insights data. Whether you’re looking for an overarching trend among gender, ethnicity or location, Instant Insights can show you the data through a different lens. 

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Multi-Platform Functionality
Whether you’re on your phone or at a desktop, you can always launch Instant Insights! At the office or home, our data will be there for you when you need it.

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