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Insights for Authentically Engaging Women Consumers for Growth

Katya Skogen

Many advertisers are missing the mark in their portrayals of this powerful consumer segment. Only about half of Women say they’re satisfied with portrayals of their gender in advertising. Learn more about how you can engage Women consumers’ evolving, complex identities for growth.

Drive Brand Relevance with Gen Z Consumer Essentials

Natalie Griffith

Self-discovery isn’t slowing down as Gen Z ages into adulthood. Race, gender and sexuality are all increasing in importance as part of their sense of identity. Learn more about Gen Z Americans’ unique perspectives and motivations.

Leverage Hispanic Media Insights for Brand Impact

Victor Paredes

Multicultural Americans spend an enormous amount of time and attention in the digital media space. Hispanic Americans especially are super users: they spend their time across many platforms, social media and otherwise, especially those that support Hispanics and allow them to stay connected to family and friends.

2024 Generations Demographics: Size Your Brand’s Opportunities with Updated Demographic Insights

Giana Damianos

New American Community Survey data is here! Our analysis highlights evolving demographic and life stage shifts across core generations: Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer. Read on to learn more.

Top Ads for Gen Z

Lauren Goldberg

Culturally fluent ads use culture to efficiently and effectively connect across segments. In this report, we share the topmost culturally fluent ads for Gen Z consumers through our CultureRate:Ad methodology.

The Top Ads for Hispanic Consumers: Analysis from CultureRate:Ad

Jenny Wolski

Read below and download our report to see the top culturally fluent ads among Hispanic consumers.

Unlock the Power of Hispanic Diversity & Growth with Collage Group’s Insights

David Evans

The latest data from the U.S. Census unveils a significant finding: the rapidly growing diversity of the Hispanic population. Learn more about how Collage Group insights help brands engage the increasingly complex Hispanic segment.

Connect with Black Americans through Holidays & Occasions

Jenny Wolski

Holidays and occasions are focal points for many Americans—opportunities to connect with loved ones, maintain cultural and family traditions, and express themselves through decorations, food, entertainment, and more.

Drive Brand Relevance with LGBTQ+ Consumer Essentials

Jill Rosenfeld

Discover LGBTQ+ Consumers’ unique perspectives and motivations through their evolving demographics, complex identity, and actionable Group Traits.

New Millennial Insights to Grow Market Share in 2023

Jill Rosenfeld

Discover Millennials unique perspectives and motivations through their evolving demographics, complex identity, and actionable Group Traits.