Parents Market Research

Collage Group’s Cultural Intelligence Platform is expanding to provide the parents market research brands need to engage parents across race and ethnicity.

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Why are parents a good target market?

Engaging and activating parents enables brands to also connect with their children–creating a potential lifetime of brand loyalty.

Demographic change amplifies the need to effectively resonate with America’s diverse parents and their children. In fact, the generations most likely to have children are between 5 and 12 percent more racially and ethnically diverse than older generations. And, multicultural Americans are 10% more likely to have children under 18 living in their households. Race and ethnicity often shape the way parents raise children and navigate the challenges of parenthood.

However, many brands say they have a significant gap in their understanding of the way culture impacts parenting and the parent-child decision-making process. Collage Group’s Parents & Kids cultural intelligence program was created to offer brands the insights they need to connect with parents through their advertising and marketing efforts.

The Latest in Parent Consumer Research & Trends

Understanding & Embracing Multicultural Terminology

Cultural Fluency, or the ability to use culture to connect effectively and authentically within and across consumer segments, is an emerging priority for brands. Understanding and embracing multicultural terminology is a key component of the cultural fluency journey.

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