Advertising to Hispanic American Consumers: Learnings from CultureRate:Ad Analysis

Resonating with Hispanic Americans goes beyond simply translating advertising from English to Spanish. CultureRate:Ad analysis reveals that successful ads do much more than use language to win Hispanic consumers. 

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September 12, 2022
Giana Damianos – Senior Analyst, Syndicated Research


Hispanic Americans are an important consumer group, with the second-highest population representation and purchasing power in the U.S. Brands trying to win Hispanic consumers face a multitude of inroads to reach the segment: Spanish language, cultural cues, representation, core values like family, key issues like immigration, and so much more.

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But many of these options offer unclear returns, leaving many brands reliant on the default strategy of just translating ads originally created for the mainstream.

Collage Group’s CultureRate:Ad analysis reveals new insights into what works, crystallizing a set of choices brands can make to up their game. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the use of Spanish language in advertising, with a comparative look at resonance across acculturation groups, as well as a contrasting viewpoint of high-scoring English language ads.

This study pulls in demographic background on the segment, as well as broader context around Hispanic identity, importance of language, and overarching Hispanic Group Traits—all of which offer a holistic view of Hispanic Americans and provide clues to inform brand strategy.

Here are a few of our top-level insights and takeaways:

  1. Spanish language ads tend to perform better with Bicultural and Unacculturated Hispanics—but English ads still dominate the top 15 for these segments.

    • Takeaway: Use Spanish language when it’s an authentic element of the story, but don’t rely on it to drive performance. Bolster ads (regardless of language) with authentic cultural cues and multicultural representation.
  2. Multicultural representation is key to resonating with all segments, but it doesn’t have to be of Hispanics—representation of other segments frequently halos into the top 15 too.

    • Takeaway: Choose Hispanic representation when it aligns with the ad’s message and content. In other words, don’t just substitute multicultural actors into an otherwise White-led ad. Multicultural inclusion goes hand-in-hand with cultural cues that are specific and relevant to that segment.
  3. Both vignette and specific-story ads will resonate across segments equally well, but each have their pros and cons.

    • Takeaway: Consider the tradeoffs of using each ad style, and choose based on the best fit with your brand’s broader marketing strategy.

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Giana Damianos

Giana Damianos

Giana joined Collage in 2019 from Indiana University, where she studied economics, political science and psychology. In her spare time, Giana is getting to know Washington DC and its historic architecture.

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