Drive Brand Relevance with Women Consumer Essentials

Discover women’s unique perspectives and motivations through their evolving, complex identities and actionable Group Traits.
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March 3, 2023
Katya Skogen – Director, LGBTQ+ & Gender Insights

Women are powerful influencers in all aspects of social, cultural, and business leadership, and they dominate consumer spending, making a bulk of all household purchasing decisions. But many advertisers are missing the mark in their portrayals of this powerful consumer segment. While gender identity has become increasingly important to the modern American woman in recent years, only about half of women say they’re satisfied with portrayals of their gender in advertising.

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Representation alone is not enough to prove that your brand cares about their identity. Brands today must evolve to effectively understand and engage the modern American woman.

This powerful study explores three key areas of our consumer fundamentals research: identity, cultural context, and Group Traits to help your brand authentically connect with women.

Key Insight #1: Most Women Feel Misunderstood and Misrepresented by Brands

Women’s intrinsic diversity and the complex sociopolitical conditions hinder brands’ ability to authentically address this influential segment’s needs, motivations, and experiences.

Brands are missing out on fully connecting with consumers

Do This

Reflect, validate, and empathize with women’s nuanced and complex experiences in brand messaging and positioning. Walk the talk by making deliberate talent management decisions and creating opportunities for women to direct the core business and the culture of your organization.

Key Insight #2: Women Expect Brands to Champion Communities and Issues They Care About

Brands that champion the issues important to women reap the rewards of consumer appreciation and loyalty.

Brands that demonstrate allyship with women

Do This

Lean into social issues that are both salient to women and congruent with your brand values by investing in marketing, partnerships, and CSR initiatives.

Key Insight #3: Attuned Group Trait

Women approach life with a sense of mindfulness, a desire for harmony, and an awareness of potential ripple effects of their choices and actions. They’re compelled to consider the broader context and align their decisions with the needs of others and the greater good.

Most women attune themselves to the needs of others

Do This

Tell women how your brand, product, or service helps turn limited resources into maximal results. Position your promotional campaigns to balance the needs of others with women’s own priorities.

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Katya Skogen

Katya Skogen

Katya leads Collage Group’s LGBTQ+ and Gender research. Her other interests include multicultural segments as well as consumer behaviors and attitudes in the context of media, technology, food and beverage, and retail industries.

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