Hispanics in Hiding 2018: Understanding Responses to a Changing Political Climate

Fear and anxiety regarding the Trump administration substantially impacts Hispanic consumer behavior. In follow-up to our 2017 study, this analysis explores the foundations of Hispanic socio-political perceptions and demonstrates their day-to-day effects, including significant changes in shopping channel preferences and spending by industry.

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The Big Shift: Multicultural Consumers Had a Strong Positive Impact on Most Industries over the Past Decade

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What is the Big Shift?

For the past several years, Collage Group has published the Big Shift, a project which examines the role of multicultural consumers in America’s economy.

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Hispanics in Hiding – Understanding Hispanics’ Reactions to the Trump Administration

In light of the new immigration policies by the Trump administration and dramatic increases in ICE raids on undocumented Hispanics, clients came to us with concerns regarding declining sales driven by Hispanic consumers. This merited a study, looking at Hispanics’ perceptions of and reactions to the early days of the Trump administration.

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