The Top Ten Brands for Asian American Consumers: Insights from CultureRate

Read below and download our report to see the top 10 culturally fluent brands among Asian American consumers.

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May 9, 2023
Jenny Wolski – Analyst

Culturally fluent brands are able to use culture efficiently and effectively to connect across segments. In this report, we share the top 10 most culturally fluent brands for Asian American consumers.

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The Top 10 Brands for Asian American Consumers:
CultureRate Analysis of Major Brands in 2022

2023 Top 10 Brands Fro Asian American Consumers – Slide Deck Example

Our list is based on our analysis of 501 brands tested in 2022 through our CultureRate:Brand process. CultureRate:Brand provides a one-stop solution for our members’ mounting need for a comprehensive, ongoing analysis of the cultural fluency of their brands.

At Collage, we measure cultural fluency by gauging consumer sentiment across 6 key dimensions: Relevance, Fit, Memories, Trust, Advocacy, and Values. These dimensions are weighed and combined to create the Brand Cultural Fluency Quotient (B-CFQ) score. The B-CFQ score gives our members crucial insights into their brand’s resonance across different consumer segments and strategies for improvement. From all of the brands we’ve tested in 2022, we’ve identified the top brands for Asian American consumers through their average B-CFQ score and compared it against non-Asian American consumers.

Our brand deep dives include some that are especially popular among Asian American consumers (e.g., Costco and Microsoft) and a few that appeal to this consumer segment while exhibiting strong Halo Effects by appealing to other segments (e.g., Visa and Band-Aid). Download our report for case studies that offer relevant insights as to what top brands are doing to resonate with Asian American consumers and how brands benefit from cross-segment appeal through halo effects.

Top Strategies from Uniquely High-Performing Brands:

Costco and Microsoft speak to specific values the Asian American community holds, maximize fit through product and customer experience enhancements, and connect on key aspects of Asian American consumers’ identity.

CostCo increases availability of Asian products making it a one-stop shop that drives relevance and advocacy
Microsoft aims to quell Asian American concerns

Top Strategies from High-Performing Brands That Exhibit Strong Halo Effects:

Visa and Band-Aid capitalize on the positive impact of Asian American resonance on overall brand health. Their efforts to refine and innovate their products, partner with organizations that celebrate diversity, and build trust connect with Asian Americans, other multicultural segments, and younger consumers, including Gen Z, alike.

Visa's partnership with the Olympics has positive impact on Asian Americans 

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Jenny Wolski

Jenny Wolski

Jenny is an Analyst on Collage Group’s Product & Content team. She is a 2021 graduate from The George Washington University where she studied Statistics and Sociology. In her spare time, Jenny is often on a hike enjoying nature.

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