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Our consumer research database now contains insights from hundreds of studies, thousands of questions and millions of data points on American consumers across ethnicity and generation: Hispanic, Black, Asian, Gen Z, Millennial and more.

CultureRate:Brand & CultureRate:Ad Analytics

We live in a highly polarized time when marketing success for one segment can trigger negative reaction from another.

Conventional brand health and creative evaluation methodologies reflect assumptions about the market that do not sufficiently account for America’s dramatic cultural transformation. Just adding extra sample to traditional evaluations does not identify what works and why.

Our CultureRate:Ad and CultureRate:Brand rankings and diagnostics help brands identify where they need to focus to build authentic connections.

Instant Insights software on phone

Instant Insights

Change the way you act on consumer insights with a mobile-friendly interface providing years of data.

Filter questions by insight category and or industry apply two levels of demographic filter to generate instant charts on countless topics from core attitudes to category specific consumption patterns. Click to related blogs to review findings from the associated study. Download the presentation or watch the webinar.  Share the chart via email or LinkedIn. 

All from your phone.

Market Profiler

Tailor marketing by location with the Market Profiler.  

This tool provides a complementary data platform that profiles demographics by zip code.  Through integration of multiple third-party datasets, we provide tools to profile every zip code by race, education, ancestry, occupation, income, age, and many more variables. 

Access over ten years of historical data to better target locations key to your marketing campaigns.

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