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Multicultural Consumer Research

Deep dive into Hispanic, Asian & Black consumer insights compared to White consumers. Differentiate what works and doesn’t for engaging the attitudes, behaviors and values of these segments.

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Generational Consumer Research

Access consumer insights to understand and engage the attitudes, behaviors and values of all generational segments: Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer. Dive deeper into the group we call the New Wave.

LGBTQ+ and Gender

LGBTQ & Gender Consumer Research

Explore consumer insights into the attitudes, behaviors and values of the LGBTQ community vs. non-LGBTQ. Dive deeper into gender identity, exploring women and other segments when available.

Parents and Kids

Parents & Kids Consumer Research

Get the insights you need to engage and activate parents and kids across race and ethnicity. Explore how culture impacts the roles that moms and dads play in their children’s lives.

Be the First to Know. Visualize Critical Insights. Get Direct Answers. Personalize Your Learning Experience. And Much More.

Key Consumer Research Platform Elements

Consumer Research Essentials

Identify the core consumer insights driving the cultural transformation of the American consumer.  

Our foundational consumer research uncovers trends and buying behaviors within each demographic, using 17 years of modeled census data. We apply advanced analytics to reveal the  consumer attitudes, behaviors, motivations and cultural traits of each segment. Detailed race, ethnicity, generation, gender, sexuality and parent-child consumer insights unveil music, food, sports and other passion points for each segment, as well as media and digital consumption habits.

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Category Insights

Understand how consumers respond to your category

Collage Group’s semi-annual, category-specific research covers every major consumer industry. We provide in-depth consumer trends data for each segment answering insights- and marketing-driven client questions and spotlighting timely, emerging consumer trends. Build a foundation in the culture of consumer attitudes and buying, stay up to date with new findings, and leverage insights from neighboring categories to stay ahead of the competition. 

Brand & Ad Testing

Measure and refine the appeal of your brand and ads.

We provide competitive rankings of all top brands in every major category. Explore how leading brands and ads in each competitive category rank on the Cultural Fluency Quotient (CFQ), our proprietary metric that helps predict purchase intent.

Determine where you stand with consumers in key growth segments and identify where to focus scarce resources so you can maximize growth opportunities.

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Passion Points

Connect with consumer Passion Points – the activities and areas of life of deep interest to consumers.

Passion Points help define how consumers are spending their time, money, and attention. Our research offers deep insight into 8 Passion Points we know Americans care deeply about, including: audio and music, food, movies and shows, travel, games, religion, sports and fitness and fashion. Brands call on Passion Points to both extend reach and deepen connection among America’s diverse consumers. 

Holidays & Occasions

Holidays and occasions afford consumers the opportunity to express their cultural traditions and individuality through decorations, food and beverage, entertainment, celebratory activities and more.

This annual report, updated each summer, allows brands to explore how consumer attitudes and behaviors toward holidays and occasions are evolving across race, ethnicity, generation, sexuality and gender. Learn how consumers are changing the ways in which they celebrate holidays—the cultural touchpoints that represent billions of dollars in consumer expenditure each year.

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Strategic Frameworks

Consumer insights and brand diagnostics are only the beginning.

To drive real change, clients apply strategic frameworks like our Cultural Fluency Roadmap to prioritize the steps required to drive higher growth and market share.

Contact us now to understand how our workshops help you get started. Or, help you socialize critical learnings across brand teams, identify and align around growth opportunities, and improve on the execution needed to win the market.

Products & Services

Use culture to connect efficiently and effectively across segments

Assess the cultural fluency of your ads and brands with CultureRate:Ad & CultureRate:Brand.

Tailored solutions delivered by our full-service, bilingual Qualitative and Quantitative research teams.

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