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October 21st, 2021

Live & Virtual Session – The “CultureRate” Brand and Ad Rating System

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Five Lessons for Better Ads and Case Study Featuring NPR

Do you know how your brand(s) and ads resonate with America’s diverse consumers?

Learn how to benchmark and improve authentic connections with consumers across race, ethnicity, generation, gender and sexuality at our special session at CRC 2021, hosted by the Insights Association. CultureRate, Collage Group’s proprietary measurement tool that draws upon 10+ years of research, allows brands to build, measure and iterate Culturally Fluent marketing. Cultural Fluency is the ability to use culture to connect effectively and authentically within and across America’s diverse growth segments: Hispanic, Black, Asian, Gen Z, Millennial, LGBTQ+ and Women.

October 27th, 2021

Gen Z & Millennial Passion Points

Gen Z and Millennial consumers are highly invested in their beliefs and passions and also orient toward inclusion and diversity not seen in older generations. But do you know what really matters most to these segments, while also being able to differentiate between the two?

Learn how you can fuel at-scale personalization that can deliver growth to your brand with our latest complimentary webinar, Gen Z & Millennial Passion Points. This new webinar provides insights from our research covering Passion Points: activities and areas of life that consumers prioritize when spending their time, money, and attention.

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