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December 1st, 2020


December 8th, 2020


December 1st, 2020

Multicultural Holiday Behaviors During COVID: Food, Beverage, and Alcohol

The holidays are approaching, which would typically mean feasts and large family gatherings for many Americans. However, as the pandemic continues to surge, multicultural consumers are reshaping their preferences and consumption patterns. Keep your finger on the pulse of these changes with a sneak peek of our all-new Category Essentials release for food, beverages, and alcohol. In this webinar we will highlight timely and relevant findings in these categories and provide an in-depth focus on multicultural consumers. Attendees will walk away with the latest insights on consumers across race and ethnicity, including:

• COVID-related concerns and impact on holiday plans.
• The latest trends in food preparation and purchasing preferences.
How culture, nutrition, novelty and convenience play into food and beverage selections.
• Trends in online shopping and low-contact grocery options. 
• Multicultural alcoholic beverage consumption patterns, buying behaviors and attitudes (including going out). 

December 8th, 2020

Gen Z Traits and Self-Identity

Gen Z has grown up in an increasingly diverse and polarized America. At the same time, social media continues to generate new universes of micro-communities, each creating new ways to self-identify. As a result, these young consumers embrace more and more of what makes them different, as individuals, rather than what makes them the same as everyone around them.

In this complimentary 30-minute webinar, we will unveil timely findings, including: 

• The factors Gen Z see as important to identity.
• Defining Gen Z cultural attributes and group traits.
• The impact of media, technology and historical events on their lives.
• Gen Z expectations of brands, including tangible advice for the current environment.
• The social values of Gen Z that brands can activate.

This webinar includes a subset of our most recent data fielded in October 2020.

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