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How Leading Brands Partner with Small Businesses to Drive their Own Growth

Small businesses drive the U.S. economy, and their owners reflect the diverse cultures and perspectives of Americans. Nearly all private businesses in the U.S. are small businesses, and at the helm of all that economic heft is an owner who tends to be highly engaged in the day-to-day decisions of the business. As a result, small business owners (SBOs) make up an important segment with whom marketers and larger businesses should engage and build partnerships.

Do you know how to connect with the community that employs nearly one half of all working Americans? And do you know how this connection can help you grow your own brand and increase revenue?

Discover the updates to our industry-leading research on how to fuel brand growth with America’s small business owners. These new insights will give you a look into the attitudes and behaviors of today’s business owners, as well as action steps to confidently engage and grow with this community.

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The Big Picture

  1. Small business owners’ resilience comes from community. For Multicultural, and particularly Black SBOs, grit is fueled by their growth mindset and determination to overcome systemic inequities and market challenges. Their confidence is deeply rooted in cultural ties and local community support.
  2. They are fixated on growth, innovation, and inclusivity. Despite real financial and operational challenges, Multicultural SBOs firmly believe that continuous progress is essential. They aspire to move forward by enhancing the employee experience, fostering cultural inclusivity, and embracing tech innovation.

Key Insight: Attitudes and Outlook

Multicultural entrepreneurs remain resilient in the face of real economic headwinds. They are determined to sustain and even accelerate their business growth and intend to keep working hard to achieve all their ambitious goals.

Do This:

  • Provide financial support to maximize Multicultural-owned businesses’ potential. Direct assistance empowers them to weather economic storms and work toward the next goal.
  • Match their optimism. These owners have full confidence in their success, and they want you to believe in them too.

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