Consumer Insights

Harness the deep cultural beliefs and values of your diverse consumer segments to grow brand love and advocacy. Identify, reach and connect with audiences from Gen Z gamers to Hispanic wine enthusiasts and basketball fanatics in Iowa.

Consumer Segments

  • Multicultural

    Deep dive into Hispanic, Black, Asian and White segments.

  • Generations

    Take action with Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer insights.

  • LGBTQ+ & Gender

    Fuel growth with LGBTQ+, women, men & non-binary insights.

  • Parents & Kids

    Drive Brand Love among parents and kids across race and ethnicity.

Consumer Solutions

Segmentation Growth Opportunities

Identify, size and understand your core segments at the deepest level, which is culture. Identify gaps and intersectional growth segments that connect with your brand and share values with your current consumers.

Consumer Solutions

Real-Time Custom Audiences

Build multi-demographic custom audiences, segments and personas using 26 billion primary data points from Collage’s cultural intelligence engine. By leveraging proprietary cultural traits and geo-location, turn insight into action with culturally resonant campaigns, media, promotions and brand experiences. Take control of how to reach and engage in the right channels.

Consumer Solutions

Shopper & Retail Insights to Action

Understand the intersection of shopper, experience and retail to grow your brand. Focus on the distinct cultural nuances of shopping behaviors, brand and price considerations, and purchase decisions. With data on proximity to retail locations, identify opportunities to drive traffic and engagement at the local level and turn insight into action.

Consumer Solutions

Culture: Values & Beliefs Drivers

Decipher the critical issues consumers most want brands to activate on, and best practices that enable brands to win with different growth segments. From environmental concerns to the role of family and traditions, Passion Points, political affiliations, veteran status and more, understand where you have a right to play in messaging and experiences to drive more authentic connections.

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