Latinum Network Announces Company Rebrand, Launches Collage Group

Bethesda, MD – July 20, 2017 – Latinum Network announces the launch of new umbrella brand, Collage Group.  The company was founded in 2009 focused on the U.S. Hispanic market and has since broadened its scope to cover all multicultural segments including Asian, African-American, and Hispanic.  They also launched genYZ in 2016, a network focused on youth and millennials.

“It became clear that we needed a new brand identity to unite our expanding businesses. We’re excited about the launch of Collage Group because equipping our clients to better serve and engage with the fastest growing and most influential consumers is key to their success” said David Wellisch, co-founder and CEO.

Consumer behavior in America is changing dramatically.  Culture and youth are at the epicenter of this transformation. “Brands that understand and design for this increasingly culturally engaged, culturally open American consumer base will win every time, both because they’re growing faster and buying more things, but also because they’re directly setting trends which will become mainstream over the next 10 to 20 years,” said Wellisch.

With the new brand comes a revamped public website ( and a new client platform. All the proprietary content, tools, and data are available in a fresh, mobile-responsive interface with enhanced search capabilities, better tagging, and simplified navigation.   Recent work includes:

  • Modern Families in 2017 – Redefining “Traditional” in America – Analysis around the composition of today’s modern family with detailed insights around purchase decisions, media consumption, political and social attitudes.
  • The Big Shift – The fourth iteration of this analysis continues the investigation into the role of multicultural consumers in the context of the rebounding economy.
  • Integrated Digital Study & Toolkit – Examines the digital trends, platforms, and properties impacting gen-Z and millennials on and offline to show brands how to better engage with younger generations.
  • Influencer Marketing in America: Moving beyond Census Labels to Marketing across the Cultural Continuum: Focused on understanding what culture means today and how brands can capitalize on consumers’ cultural influence to be more relevant and successful.


ABOUT COLLAGE GROUP:  Founded in 2009, the company focuses on empowering organizations to better serve and engage the fastest growing and most influential consumers through insights, market intelligence and strategy.  They currently support over 100 leading companies through proprietary syndicated research, actionable category level insights, market intelligence tools, and best practices. The product portfolio includes insights and strategy networks–Latinum, focusing on multicultural, and genYZ, focusing on millennials and gen-Z.  Collage also offers market intelligence tools and a full suite of custom research and consulting services. More information can be found at