What to Know About Differences in Spanish Dialects

“Compré poporopos y dulces”
“Compré rositas de maíz y caramelos”

At first glance, it’s probably evident that both sentences are in Spanish; what’s less apparent is that they say the exact same thing: “I bought popcorn and candy.” The difference? The Spanish dialect. The first is from Guatemala, and the second is from Cuba.

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Infographic: Hispanic Easter and Holy Week Celebrations

While it may be convenient to group Holy Week and Easter together, our research shows that U.S. Latinos understand and celebrate them very differently.

In many Latin American countries, Holy Week tends to be celebrated as widely – or more widely – than Easter. Many towns and churches organize processions and events throughout the week to commemorate Jesus’s death and resurrection, but pay less attention to Easter Sunday. Those Hispanics who only celebrate Holy Week may do so per traditions in their home countries.

Check out our infographic below for highlights of various traditions.

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