Hispanic Heritage Month: 5 Winning Campaigns

Companies are eager to win Hispanic consumers‘ business as a result of their rapid population growth, increasing purchasing power, and their growing cultural influence. Many companies run targeted campaigns during Hispanic Heritage Month in a play to win their loyalty. We recently asked our consumer community to pick their favorites.   The top picks go to:

Tide/Procter & Gamble: “#WashAwayLabels” & “I am a Modern Latina”

In Tide’s campaign #WashAwayLabels, Hispanic consumers hold up shirts printed with the negative stereotypes. The cleansing power of Tide then washes away the slurs. Viewers responded positively to the campaign on social media, it was successful because Tide took a stand on a relevant cause. 

Procter & Gamble released a series of videos on their digital platform Orgullosa, which aims to engage bicultural Hispanic women. The videos highlighted achievements of several successful Hispanic women from various walks of life. This campaign hit because it promoted the Orgullosa brand, engaged Latinas online, and celebrated influential women.

McDonald’s: “Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas”

McDonald’s linked up with Latina superstar Gloria Estefan, an influential leader in the U.S. Hispanic community who also holds broad Total Market appeal.

In addition, McDonald’s created a page online about her life and gave $10,000 to the Gloria Estefan fund. As a powerful Latina immigrant, Estefan was a savvy celebrity partner for McDonald’s.

Macy’s: “Los Influyentes”

Macy’s activation was also celebrity-oriented. Mario Lopez, an actor and radio show personality, Angel Merino, a makeup artist, and Don Omar, a regaetton popstar, went on a tour of six Macy’s stores across America. They spoke about their lives and experiences as U.S. Hispanic celebrities.

The influencers promoted the campaign on social media, which brought fans into the stores, engaged them in conversation, and tempted them to buy Macy’s products. They scheduled the store visits in metro areas with high densities of Hispanic consumers.

NFL: “Feel the Orgullo”

The NFL ran a multi-faceted campaign – they developed an online platform about Hispanic Heritage Month, created a Telemundo documentary about Hispanic players in the league, and launched social media contests encouraging fans to share pride in their cultural identity.

The NFL also increased their Hispanic community outreach by expanding their childhood wellness program to include Spanish-language materials.

Finally, they also honored a Hispanic community leader in each of the 32 team markets by giving a $2,000 award to a charity of their choice. This campaign made the brand more accessible and welcoming to Hispanic consumers.

Coca-Cola: “Orgulloso De Ser”

Coca-Cola’s “Orgulloso De Ser” ad was released in English and Spanish, and featured Hispanic consumers drinking Coca-Cola and talking about why they take pride in their family name.

For the past few years, Coca-Cola has run the “Share a Coke” campaign which gives consumers the chance to purchase a Coke with their name in place of the iconic logo. In the “Orgulloso de Ser” ad, the cans feature traditionally Hispanic names, but the cans also double as temporary tattoos.

Consumers then used the tattoos as a show of pride. The ad received a lot of attention on social media, and many in our consumer community listed it as their favorite campaign. This ad shows that Coca-Cola recognized Hispanic consumers’ deep emotional ties to their family.

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