Quick Chart: What Social Media Platforms do Gen-Z and Millennials Love Most?

There’s a lot of press around the demise of Facebook. While we’re not jumping on the “Facebook doesn’t matter” train, it’s clear that there are major changes in preferences around social media platforms among the youngest generations. 

We asked social media users, “What is your favorite social media platform?” – only allowing them to select one.

The results were jaw-dropping.


Facebook Skews Older

Starting from the top. Facebook remains the social media platform of choice for gen-X, baby boomers, and older Americans. Not too surprising.

At 47%, Facebook also remains #1 for millennials. However, like many singular generational data points, this doesn’t tell the full story. Only about a third of the youngest millennials pick Facebook as their favorite platform, compared to 61% of the oldest millennials.

Compared to older millennials, the youngest are almost half as likely to choose Facebook, with many picking YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat instead.

The Rise of YouTube

The drop continues into gen-Z, where just 14% choose Facebook as their favorite platform. In fact, it’s only the 4th favorite among the generation. Led by YouTube and the photo sharing pair of Instagram and Snapchat, gen-Zers’ preferences are distinctly different those just a decade older.

Today’s data comes from the preliminary results of our genYZ segmentation study a n=4,300 study of gen-Z and millennials with the goal of creating an “all-up” segmentation of 13 to 36 year-olds. The survey itself was fielded bilingually with racial and ethnic over-samples. Results shown above have been weighted.

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