Are Modern Families Really All that Different?

It’s no secret that American modern families in 2017 look vastly different from 50, or even 30 years ago. They are more diverse; going from Leave it to Beaver to Modern Family. But what do these changes mean for marketers? How can brands tap into these shifts to connect with modern families on a deeper level? 

We set out to answer these questions in our latest study around modern families, here are just a few key takeaways:

Know the Nuances of Language

Hispanics speak Spanish to all modern-household members, while Asians only use Asian languages when talking with older residents, like parents. So recognizing these distinctions is important when developing content and creative.

Don’t Overlook the Influence of Partners

Spouses and significant others are the go-to resource for consumers who seek advice before making purchases. Multicultural consumers tend to bring their partners as purchase advisors, while African Americans consult their moms.  Asian consumers, on the other hand, seek advice from both parents. Be sure to include partners in your outreach, since they are very influential.

Recognize the Role of Hispanic Women in Religion

Hispanic women who are in mixed-religion relationships are far more likely to say their religion dominates. Include winks to these religious values to create a lasting connection with Latinas.

Highlight Togetherness

Going out to eat and watching movies as a family are preferred family-bonding activities. Travelling is also highly preferred by Asian modern family members. Find ways to weave your products into these experiences and teach consumers how to do the same.

Champion the Environment

If you choose to go political, environmental issues are the most broadly supported. If you want to promote other social or political causes, be sure to make your message clear and be prepared to stand your ground.

Social issues chart

What does this Mean for Brands Today?

In short, embrace the modernity! Today’s modern families have values and beliefs that are more progressive, yet their notions of family are timeless. Brands don’t need drastically different strategies to reach them. Rather, treat them as “normal” by featuring diverse and complex families in content and creative. Play to the entire family to get every member advocating for your brand.

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