The Millennial Path to Purchase: Clothing

In this installment of the millennial shopper deep dive, we break down the clothing path to purchase.  From the motivations that trigger a shopping trip to the actual purchase and eventual restart of the cycle.  This is the latest in our millennial shopper series, where we also cover food and beverages, and personal care & beauty.

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Essentials of Asian Marketing Part I: Demographics, Purchasing Power & Media

While millennials and Hispanics are currently the most coveted consumer segments, Asian consumers shouldn’t be overlooked. They represent a growing opportunity for marketers and brands, due to their fast growth and purchasing power. What does the U.S. Asian segment look like?  Our latest research explores four key areas to help brands gain a better understanding of these important consumers.

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Convenience Stores: A $140 Billion Opportunity

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Multicultural consumers are changing the retail landscape and the way brands approach shopper marketing. Convenience store marketing, however, is often neglected and poorly understood, especially across multicultural segments. But why? According to Nielsen, convenience-store sales represent 17% of total retail sales, and reached $140 billion in 2016, up from $126 billion in 2012. This trend, combined with the rising purchasing power of multicultural consumers, reveals a big need for multicultural insights within the convenience-store channel.

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The Millennial Path to Purchase: Food & Beverages

Continuing with our millennial shopper series (access Youth & Sports Part I & Part II) our latest installment takes on the path to purchase for food & non-alcoholic beverages. Understand the journey of the millennial shopper – from catalyst to loyalty.

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Youth & Sports Part II: The Rise of eSports


In part 1 of our series around youth and sports, we looked the importance of early engagement and participation to build fans from a young age.  Now, we’re exploring perceptions around leagues and the rise of eSports among gen-Z and millennials.

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The Millennial Path to Purchase: Personal Care & Beauty

As part of our Generational Shopper series we present the millennial path to purchase of personal care and beauty. Our findings take you through the shopping journey from catalyst to loyalty. Learn how millennials shop differently both intra- and inter-generationally for these products.

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