African American Beauty Trends – A Webinar with Google

Have you ever wondered what African American women care about when it comes to beauty and how to speak effectively to this audience?  We recently partnered with Google to co-host a webinar for leading brands and creative agencies to uncover what African American women are doing online to inform their beauty routines and purchases. The companies shared powerful insights and messaging recommendations to help brands connect with this critical segment.

A Growing Opportunity

African Americans currently make up about 12% of the total U.S. population, commanding considerable purchasing power. Beauty expenditures by African American women have been steadily rising and are projected to hit $5 billion by 2021.


The Power of Influencers

Where do these consumers turn to for beauty ideas and recommendations? Unsurprisingly, friends and family are their biggest source of beauty inspiration. There’s a shift happening away from celebrities though, with African American women being 34% more likely to rely on online influencers versus traditional TV celebrities.

Given the rise of online influencers, it’s no surprise that these women are turning to YouTube for tips and guidance. Watch time has increased 16% YoY among African American women 18-49. In fact, the power of the platform is rivaling the leading black entertainment networks.


Creating the Right Messaging

Developing authentic and culturally relevant messaging is critically important for this segment. 63% of African American women say it’s very important that beauty companies create culturally relevant messages with them in mind. Additionally, 71% say they’re more likely to consider a brand that positively reflects black culture. African American women can spot authenticity from a mile away.

Shea Moisture offers a great example of a brand understanding their consumer and what they struggle with when it comes to their beauty routines. Understanding needs and customizing your marketing messages appropriately is key to forming connections with your brand.


Engagement Strategies for African American Consumers

This was the first part in Collage Group’s learning series on African American consumers.

For beauty brands interested in reaching multicultural consumers, check out our insights into the Hispanic beauty journey.

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