Digital Takes a Back Seat in Gen-Z Shopping Habits

One of the most surprising findings in our latest work on helping brands get inside the minds of gen-Z shoppers, is the role of digital. Despite their digital fluency, this generation isn’t taking online shopping by storm. 

Gen-Z shopping preferences might surprise you given their reliance on social media. In fact, they still find substantial value in brick and mortar stores.  Retail outlets are likely more approachable for those without credit cards or the means to pay for things independently online.

Additionally, online shopping usually lacks the social aspect that in-person shopping can provide. In fact, gen-Z are less likely to enjoy online shopping when compared to their older counterparts (likely due to their relative inexperience).

Looming Privacy Concerns

Privacy is a key barrier when it comes to e-commerce—especially so for gen-Z.  Surprisingly, they’re as concerned about online security as boomers.

As unseasoned online shoppers, gen-Z have had fewer positive experiences and are hyper aware of e-commerce security.

Their privacy even trumps the appeal of personalized promotions.  Only 19% of younger gen-Z shoppers are willing to give out their personal information in exchange for deals.  This is in stark contrast to older millennials, where nearly half of those surveyed would provide their information in exchange for more personalized coupons and discounts.

Turning to Trusted Sources

  • People centric: When researching products, family and friends are the most trusted source for this generation. They tend to turn to those that are close to them.
  • The Power of in-store: In-store remains the #3 source of information, ranked more highly than for both millennials and gen-X.
  • Social media: Gen-Z are much more likely to trust social media: 1.5x millennials and 2.1x gen-X.

Betting on Mobile

Even though they prefer to shop in-store, mobile is still a big part of the experience for younger shoppers. Marketers attempting to reach them through mobile will have to compete for attention and focus on their efforts in three ways to increase engagement.

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