Apply the power of our thought-leading Total Market insight to your advertising

Now armed with facial tracking and advanced machine learning technologies, Collage Group can cost-effectively apply a decade of multicultural research to your biggest areas of spend: your advertisements.

AdRate helps you view your advertising strategy through a Total Market lens, revealing crucial differences in emotional response for different demographics. We decipher both emotional and rational factors, telling you where and why your ads have appeal, and to whom – and where they face risks.

  • Discover strategies that maximize impact on brand favorability using our Groundswell and Backlash metrics
  • Compare ads to in-market competitors to inform strategy and execution
  • Decipher the factors that make or break an ad for different segments
  • Optimize the length of ads to maximize the ROI on media spend

Read insights from our ground breaking Total Market analysis, Spanish language study and Superbowl 2019 research.

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Decipher critical cultural differences with facial tracking and machine learning

Culture informs our intuitions and judgments from birth. It’s no surprise that advertising can trigger very different emotions depending on consumers’ racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Facial tracking analysis of Bertolli’s 2016 “Dance” ad featuring a biracial couple reveals a remarkable (if momentary) divergence in emotional response between white and multicultural consumers (n= ~200 consumers)

With highly competitive pricing, we offer a compelling alternative. Overcoming the limitations of traditional norms and “genpop” assumptions, our proprietary methodology determines how your ads drive divergent emotions within and across segments, moment-by-moment. We also reveal how consumers change their overall perceptions of your brand as they integrate unconscious emotions into conscious attitudes.

Our AdRate data show that humor and inspiration are key to positive reaction from white consumers. Will that work for the Total Market? Our data suggest otherwise. Asian, Hispanic and African American consumers respond positively to very different factors.

Innovative metrics identify executions and strategies that win

In a time of extraordinary political and cultural turbulence, we hear marketers again and again express concern that their advertising may provoke backlash, or in opting for once-safe appeals to conventional “gen-pop” themes, they may underwhelm their target audiences.

Our approach safeguards your advertising spend in three steps.

  1. We gather data before and after consumers view an ad to assess raw change in brand perception
  2. We incorporate data on how consumers assess an ad to gain insight as to what is driving this change
  3. We take a more nuanced look at where these changes are concentrated by demographic segment using three innovative metrics: Groundswell, Backlash and Net Groundswell.


If an ad converts a viewer from a negative or neutral brand sentiment to a positive brand sentiment, then the ad has groundswell


If an ad converts a viewer from a positive brand sentiment to a negative or neutral brand sentiment, then the ad has backlash

  Net Groundswell  

The difference between groundswell and backlash adjusted for initial positive or negative experience of brand favorability

To provide further insight, we work with you to develop a detailed ad taxonomy that helps pinpoint what causes emotional variation and divergences across segments. For example, our taxonomy can focus on cultural cues, language, music and branding choices.

We create intuitive, comprehensive presentations to help you understand the data, delivering a clear and compelling story about how consumers experience your ads in real time.