Casting in Advertising: The Do’s and Don’ts of Culturally-Authentic Content

What does it mean to be authentic in today’s world? How can companies create content that truly resonates with key consumer targets?  There are four critical areas that marketers need to assess to create compelling campaigns: casting, language, passion points, and situation. 

At Collage Group, we constantly assess what makes certain spots stick, while others fall by the wayside. Over time, the pattern is clear: consumers like content that authentically mimics their experiences, cultures, and values.

Casting: The Do’s

When it comes to casting, it’s critical to choose people who reflect your target audience’s interests, demographics, and behaviors. Make sure to:

  • Alignment: Choose actors who align demographically with your target audience
  • Trends: Stay up-to-date with trends followed by your target audience, and make nods to them in your campaigns
  • Real Partnerships: Leverage influences who have a real association to your brand

Casting: The Don’ts

  • Quota: Use ‘token’ multicultural actors just to fulfill a diversity quota, the lack of authenticity can be palpable
  • Go All-White: Exclude minorities, it makes multicultural consumers feel that the product isn’t for them
  • Stereotype: Create content which pigeonholes people; it can be offensive and create backlash
  • Focus Only on Celebrity: Work only with celebrities; mid-level influencers are increasingly powerful

Casting: Best-In-Class Example

image-crissy-teigen-lawry'sLawry’s pick to partner with Chrissy Teigen, was a smart choice…

  • A Real Partnership: Teigen is a real consumer of Lawry’s products, and had been outspoken about her love of the product prior to the partnership
  • Alignment: Teigen is fun and spunky, like the brand. Additionally, through her cookbook and social media posts, she has long demonstrated a passion for cooking

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