Taking a Stance: Examining Millennial and Gen-Z Political Views


By the midterm elections this November, Americans born after 2000 will be eligible to vote for the first time. As gen-Z comes into political maturity, it’s important not only for politicians, but also corporations, to understand where these newly-independent consumers stand on a host of socio-political issues.

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Hispanics in Hiding 2018: Understanding Responses to a Changing Political Climate

Fear and anxiety regarding the Trump administration substantially impacts Hispanic consumer behavior. In follow-up to our 2017 study, this analysis explores the foundations of Hispanic socio-political perceptions and demonstrates their day-to-day effects, including significant changes in shopping channel preferences and spending by industry.

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What Culturally Competent Health Care Means for Asian Consumers

According to the Big Shift, multicultural patients have contributed $47.1 billion to the health care industry growth since 2006; Asians alone contributed $11.8 billion. This number will rise as Asian populations continue to grow – but how can marketers ensure that they are reaching and engaging them in the best ways?

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