Serena and Toni Battle it Out for Bumble and Toyota

We’ve been busy delivering a CultureRate:Ad analysis of pre-released Super Bowl LIII ads. From Coke & Pepsi to alcoholic beverages to snack foods, our research digs deeper into what worked and what didn’t for a nationally representative sample of American consumers (n = 3068).

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Your free download contains facial tracking highlights of the Bumble and Toyota ads. The full 36-page report and 1200-word blog post available to members contains an overview of the emotional strategies, an analysis of the drivers of positive response to ads by each demographic, and more details on polarization driven by the ads.

Final Scores - Superbowl Study

Through our analysis we identified three areas of big learnings:

    1. Emotional Strategy
    2. Polarization
    3. Purchase Intent

Before you go deeper with the download above, take a look at the ads and summaries of the Bumble and Toyota’s Super Bowl spots we reviewed below:

Bumble hopes your relationship score starts at love-love

Bumble’s 30-second ad features tennis giant Serena Williams, whose success story has also served well in Nike campaigns. The creative team behind the ad was also predominantly female, only reinforcing the message of female empowerment in modern relationships.

Toyota explores a road never before taken

Toyota’s minute-long spot features Antoinette “Toni” Harris, the first woman to ever receive a full ride football scholarship for a non-specialist position (and the second woman ever to receive an American football scholarship, to boot). Toyota employed a dedicated multicultural creative agency for this spot, so we were interested in seeing how their execution drove responses across segments.

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