Corporate Sustainability is a Multicultural Priority

If you’re trying to target “sustainable” shoppers, read this first.

Which elements of sustainability would multicultural consumers be willing to pay a premium for, and what are they doing to live more eco-conscious lives?

 In a political climate that’s failing to meet both social and ecological needs, many consumers are “voting with their dollars” to reward brands that engage in sustainable business practices. If you know where those dollars are going, you can position your brands to be on the receiving end.

We addressed the issue of sustainability in a recent Collage survey, fielded to a nationally representative sample of 3,098 respondents with multicultural and youth oversamples. In it, we asked multicultural consumers if they’d be willing to pay more for certain sustainable business practices, and whether they engage in their own sustainable behaviors.

So how do you get consumers to buycott your products, rather than boycott them? See the attached mini-deck for more information about the following insights:

How well do you know your segments?





Only this sample of our research has the answers.

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