Six Passion Points of Millennial and Gen Z Consumers

Gen Z and Millennials are an essential component of your brand’s growth strategy.

To capture your share of wallet from these consumers, you need to understand what they value and what appeals to them. Keep reading to learn how these segments’ interests in topics like music, movies, food, and fashion vary. If you’ve checked out recent installments of our GenYZ Essentials series, you know that these young, diverse segments are massive and have steadily increasing purchasing power. But what you may not know is how to best connect with and activate them.

To do that, you need to understand their interests in topics like music, movies, food, and fashion. Below are six passion points that your brand can activate on to show these consumers your brand understands and values what is important to them.

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Essentials of Millenial Marketing
Three Key Takeaways for Gen Z

1. Gen Z are coming of age in the era of streaming, which has led to diverse music tastes and the blending of genres. While these young consumers tend to embrace diverse playlists, hip-hop is a favorite among Gen Z across race and ethnicity.

Gen tearing tearing down musical boundaries quote

2. Video games are a huge form of entertainment among Gen Z—bigger than movies, television, and books for almost one-third of the segment. Sponsoring/activating with popular gamers is a good way for brands to connect with this segment, especially the youngest cohort of males (ages 13-17).

Video games main source of entertainment poll results

3. Gen Z value aesthetics, but they see beauty as more than just looks. Many use makeup as an outlet for self-exploration and expression in ways that may challenge the conventional notion of beauty. In fact, over half of the older Gen Z and younger Millennial cohorts consider makeup a “wellness product”.

Female respondents who consider skincare and makeup a wellness product

Three Key Takeaways for Millenials

1. Millennials have broad and experimental food palette. In addition to seeking novel food experiences, they are interested in the health, sustainability, and convenience of food options.

Health environment and ethics quotes

2. Millennials are cord-cutters that rely heavily on a variety of streaming services to access content. The misadventures and existential wanderings of bright, but confused and soul-searching characters are a common theme in Millennial-led shows.

Collage of various shows aimed at millennial women

3. Travel is important to Millennials. This segment travels more frequently than older segments and many prioritize travel over buying a home or paying off debt. These young consumers often seek travel destinations that allow them to engage in new experiences and capture Instagrammable moments.

Travel is important to millennials

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