Activation IRL: Where and How to Win Young Consumers Through Experiences

If you’ve ever had a Facebook or Instagram account, you know how easy it is to broadcast which bands, teams, or foods you ‘like’. 

You also probably know how easy it is to overlook these transmissions given the endless stream of social media content. “Showing up” is often a better and stronger way to communicate what you’re interested in and what you find important. And it’s the same with brands. You can claim all you want on social media that you’re “one of the gang,” but consumers may not take you seriously unless you “show up and hang out” with them.

To dig into this topic, we at Collage asked a series of questions to a nationally representative sample of 995 respondents with multicultural and youth oversamples. These consumers provided valuable insight as to what experiences they value and how they engage with brands at events.

Do you know how to “show up” for younger consumers?

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