Three Barbecue Insights to Fire Up Your Connection with Diverse America

There’s one month left of summer and that means there are still many summer barbecues to be had.

But the end of summer doesn’t mean barbecue season is over. Fall is just around the corner with a plethora of back to school and sports related barbecues.

As you activate with consumers throughout the year around the barbecue occasion, you’ll need to keep in mind how barbecues and cookouts vary for different segments. Multicultural consumers are more likely to agree that there is a difference between barbecues and cookouts.

How Multicultural consumers view BBQs and cookouts

1. African Americans are more likely than other segments to have or attend a barbecue on traditional “barbecue holidays.” Most advertisements on barbecues do not include cultural winks to this segment. Focus on what matters to African Americans when advertising around these specific occasions—food, family/friends, and a lively atmosphere.

When Multicultural consumers have BBQs
Multicultural consumers' go-to BBQ meals

2. Hispanics are less likely than other segments to eat traditional barbecue foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers, and more likely to eat steak, chicken, and cultural foods. Make sure to appropriately represent what Hispanics have on their barbecue plates when engaged in targeted advertising.

3. Segments have barbecue-specific drinking preferences. White, Asian and Hispanic consumers lean towards beer, while African Americans prefer liquor. Alcohol brands should target their advertisements accordingly, while reminding consumers there are other available options.

How Multicultural consumers view alcoholic BBQ drinks

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